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- About Me -​​


Hi, I'm Alysia and I created Perfect Moments Photography in 2017.

I shot my first wedding when I was just 17 and immediately fell in love with the fast paced environment and delivering beautiful shots of your perfect day.

I mostly shoot digital but I also have a passion for film. I love to collect vintage film cameras and load them up with film and get them back into shooting again!

Since that first wedding in 2014, I have spent hours learning and perfecting the art of event photography.

At Perfect Moments we specialise in candid photography, where we observe and capture your event naturally. Of course we include posed photos too, we're happy to work with your vision for you day.

Feel free to drop us a message with any queries!

- Meet the Team -​​

Hi, I'm Becca and I'm a second shooter with Perfect Moments Photography.

I have always had a huge interest in photography, I would always find excuses to bring my camera along with me wherever I went.

I have now covered a variety of events as a first and second shooter, including weddings, graduations, and even motocross!


Hi, my name is Pati and I work as a tattoo artist.

I love art and I also like to draw and paint after work in my free time.

I am happy to take up any topic! Check out our packages page for info on how you can get a custom portrait painted or drawn of your family, friends, pets, or anything else.

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